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Cannot agree more with you. I achieve these changes with key remapping which has an added benefit of keeping undesired guests at bay :-P I use the SharpKeys application technically a registry editor on Windows and the setxkbmap command on Linux to achieve these. Comment by: Greywolf on May.

Happy Hacking Lite 2 keyboard

There's no differentiation listed between the 'Lite' version and the 'Professional' version, which left me feeling a little uneasy. I've remapped a few on my NiftyGlowyKeyboard, but the more I have the NGKB, the more I realise how things just are not always where I need them, and how much I miss the old spherical-indent engraved linear mech-switch keyboards, although I've managed to cope by replacing the keycaps to match most of my expectations I still can't move Backspace to just above Enter due to physical layout :. Comment by: Dan Strychalski on Jul. The first Macs had no Ctrl key.

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That's why I won't buy anything made by Apple. Reading mids x86 word-processor reviews, you will notice that reviewers consistently selected and praised programs that made "full use of the PC keyboard" -- that is, depended entirely on IBM's function, editing, paging, and cursor keys, and used Ctrl-A through Ctrl-Z little or not at all.

Note also the big ads from IBM in those magazines.

Neither the environment nor any of the bundled application programs made any use whatsoever of Ctrl-A through Ctrl-Z. This would continue until I won't touch anything from that company, either.

Long Term Review: Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 – Brian Lee

Those reviewers also gave their highest praise to word processors with a "clean screen. That GUI certainly needed all the help it could get. Meanwhile, the word processor that sold the best until -- and continued to be the most widely used for several years after that -- provided context-sensitive, as-you-work on-screen help and used Ctrl-A through Ctrl-Z in logical, easy-to-learn ways that made all the keys outside the character block unnecessary. IBM is not the kind of company to take that sitting down. To further entice people to choose the Model M, they included a keyboard template kit with that keyboard only.

That's how sure they were that people would get no help from their screens. Looking for excuses for IBM, people say the switch was made because typists expected Caps Lock to be next to the A key. Long before he ever came near a computer, this typist I was a translator from to felt that it was dumb, d-u-m-b, DUMB to put Caps Lock there on electric typewriters. Also long before I embarked on this journey I mapped my Caps-Lock to the control key. More on this later.

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The reduced size is achieved by omitting the keypad, direction and F-keys F1 , F The missing keys are accessed by a function key. Holding down this function key is like holding down a shift key, and gives some keys new actions. It's referred to as the function layer: when Function is held down a new layer of keys is available. Along with the function layer, the HHKB has other differences in the key layout. These differences are pretty minor and provide in my mind a noticeable performance gain.

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The dedicated Caps-Lock button is gone and in its place is the Control button. Man, it sure does feel nice; not traveling as far to reach Backspace is a good thing. That's it - four buttons moved, not a huge adjustment. However, mapping shortcuts that work seamlessly on both the HHKB and the standard laptop took some time. One of my goals in setting up the HHKB was to minimize friction when swapping between my desktop and laptop. Muscle memory is a good thing, and I don't want to be hopelessly crippled on every other keyboard on the planet.

A few of my go-to shortcuts required rethinking for the new keyboard layout. I modified the laptop's key layout to match the available keys on the HHKB to create some consistency.

Click Modifier Keys on the lower right. Perhaps I'm biased, because I have had my caps-lock mapped to control on my laptop for years. I quote the most important part:. You might have to log out and in again. Again, if you change the DIP switches, you might have to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard for the changes to take effect.


Hhkb lite 2 mac driver

If you need to change what key is Command, Option, etc. AutoHotkey is an excellent tool for remapping and binding keys.

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