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VirusBarrier X9, the latest version of Intego's malware security program, includes the many defenses that have protected Macs for more than ten years in earlier versions of VirusBarrier. VirusBarrier X9 uses Intego NetUpdate, which is installed with the program, to provide updates to the program's filters and virus definitions, as well as to the program itself.

NetUpdate can be accessed directly from your Menu Bar:. You can also check for virus definitions and software updates directly through VirusBarrier by clicking Installed Definitions in the upper right corner of the window:. When you launch NetUpdate, you will be notified if updates are available for your software, or if your software is up to date. It gives information about VirusBarrier X9, such as the version number, your serial number, and a clickable link to Contact Support. Intego software comes with a license that allows you to use the software on at least one Mac standard license , three Macs, or even more if you have a business license.

When you install Intego software on one of your Macs and serialize it, that Mac is considered to be authorized for one seat of your license. If you have multiple copies of the software installed, and wish to use it on a different Mac, you will need to deauthorize the software for one Mac and serialize it on another Mac. To deauthorize any Intego software including VirusBarrier, open the program, then click the program name menu and choose Deauthorize VirusBarrier….

Remember to deauthorize your Intego software if you sell one of your Macs and wish to use the software on a new device. VirusBarrier X9's Setup Assistant helps you quickly and easily adjust the program's basic settings so they are appropriate to the way you use your Mac. The default protection level is Standard and is recommended for most users. Minimum: Provides essential protection that protects your Mac from the most common threats. With this setting, VirusBarrier will scan for macOS malware, viruses and malicious scripts.


Standard: Recommended protection for most users. It will also scan for malicious scripts and scan your e-mails and attachments for potential infections. Maximum: This setting enables all of VirusBarrier's features and options. Warning: Enabling Maximum Protection may impact computer performance.

If you experience degradation in your computer's performance while using this setting, you may want to choose a different level of coverage. You can find more information about each of these features in the VirusBarrier Preferences section of this manual: VirusBarrier Preferences. The Real-Time Scanner constantly watches over your Mac, protecting you from viruses and malware.

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The Real-Time scanner ensures that your Mac is protected at all times by scanning every file that is created, copied, modified or saved. It does not, however, scan other files. This is why we suggest you run a full scan of all your files when you install VirusBarrier and after each update to the program's virus definitions. You can also use VirusBarrier's On-Demand scanner to check any file, folder, disk, or volume on your Mac. Once you have chosen your protection level and clicked the Continue button, the latest Malware Definitions will automatically be downloaded and installed.

The Scan Overview screen gives quick access to:. At the top left of the Scan Overview screen is a row of buttons that provide quick access to other settings. When you click any of these buttons, the resulting screens lead to additional controls for Scans, Quarantine Zone, or Trusted Files. Any of these buttons glows green when the screen it leads to is active.

The button will glow blue when it is selected when you hover over the button with your arrow cursor. At the top right of the screen is the NetUpdate Status Bar, which shows the dates of the latest VirusBarrier X9 filters installed on your Mac and whether your filters need to be updated. VirusBarrier X9 uses Intego NetUpdate to periodically check for updates, or you can check manually by clicking Installed Definitions in the upper-right corner.

The text will appear in red if your definitions are not up to date. These indicators will appear as green buttons or check marks when features are enabled. A red exclamation point will appear if a feature is disabled that may put your computer at risk. The Basic Help overlay will appear once you have chosen a level of protection for the first time. This overlay points out the main features of VirusBarrier X9. VirusBarrier's anti-malware protection works in several ways.

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Its Real-Time Scanner constantly watches over your Mac, protecting you from viruses and malware. You can run a manual Full Scan with VirusBarrier whenever you want. You should do this immediately after installation to ensure that you don't have any infected files. After that, VirusBarrier's Real-Time scanner ensures that any new files you add to your Mac are safe. VirusBarrier lets you run Quick Scans , which scan only those locations where malware is commonly installed.

The files and folders scanned may change as new malware appears, and the locations scanned may be different with newer versions of VirusBarrier's virus definitions. Note: The Quick Scan button only appears when you select your entire computer in the left column.

If you want to scan only a single volume connected to your computer using VirusBarrier, you can highlight the volume in the left column of the window and click the Scan button. If you want to scan only a specific file or folder on your computer with VirusBarrier, you can do this simply by dragging and dropping the file into the VirusBarrier window as seen in the image below:. You can also access scan options from the VirusBarrier menu bar. When a malware is found you will be notified immediately. It depends somewhat on what malware is detected, but you will generally have three options.

It ensures that your Mac is protected at all times by scanning every file that is created, copied, modified or saved. In normal operation, you will not need to disable the Real-Time Scanner; this is only useful for troubleshooting when you have a problem with your Mac. The next settings let you indicate what VirusBarrier should do when malware is found. Your options are:. In addition, you can choose to have VirusBarrier send you an e-mail whenever it discovers a virus or malware. To set this up, check the Send e-mail to checkbox, then enter your e-mail address and click OK.

Once you have switched the Schedule to "On", you can create Daily or Weekly scans for any time you like. Display scheduled scans in Task Manager: When checked, you'll see a small window appear whenever your Mac executes scheduled scans; when unchecked, such scans will occur without notification unless malware is found. Clicking the Advanced button allows you to customize your Scheduled Scans. For example, you can choose to scan specific files or folders, and create multiple Scheduled Scans if necessary.

In Advanced mode there is a scheduling selector, where you can say which folder should be examined, and when. You can create multi-part schedules, for example to scan your Documents folder every night, and your entire computer once a week. Make changes in that schedule item as you like. You can add as many schedule items as you like this way; to remove one of them, click the - button next to it. Proper browser settings can help prevent you from visiting fraudulent websites.

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VirusBarrier X9 can detect if your web browsers are running with Safe Browsing enabled and warn you if this feature is disabled. VirusBarrier supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari for this feature. If you don't want to repair files automatically, you can have VirusBarrier put them in its Quarantine Zone.

When files are quarantined, they can't be opened or read, ensuring that they cannot infect your Mac.

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This is useful for administrators who want to check files before running VirusBarrier's repair functions. VirusBarrier automatically places files in the Quarantine Zone if you don't respond to an alert within one minute. You can then check these files and decide what to do. The Quarantine tab at the top of VirusBarrier's Overview screen shows you which files are quarantined. You'll see a display that shows which files are in the Quarantine Zone, as well as a group of buttons allowing you to act on those files.