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Nationals win. We had transmission issues but today we showed that we can beat him, and we can out-run him.

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In the final when I popped the clutch in the left lane it went immediately to the left and I just sort of kept it in the left tire track and I stayed straight from then on and we were able to get the round win. We just go up there and try our best and whatever happens, happens. They are so smooth and fast.


They are labeled the kings, but we can outrun them, and we can beat them, but we have to be perfect. They haul butt in qualifying but on race day anything can happen and usually they slow down on race day and we tend to speed up.

Countdown to the 50th Gatornationals

I honestly wish we could make more runs. So, this doesn't really affect me because I love racing. If it were up to me, we'd add more races to the schedule instead of cutting to it -- I know that wouldn't go over so well with some of the other guys, but that's honestly how I feel about it.

This is my full time job and this is what I've wanted to do since I was a kid. That will always be a big one for me because I was a rookie going in there and there was so much pressure one. Everyone from the shop was there and both sides of my family as well. On his dad, Shane Gray, getting emotional at the starting line: "I feel like I'm not a very emotional guy, you know? That can be good or bad. But I think if I win a championship I'll get emotional, but I think for my dad it was just a big deal to see me do something he did four years ago.

It's just different to be behind the car and see someone else do something you did. So few people win Indy, let alone go back-to-back. For whatever reason this year has just felt different. We went testing and things went well for us, so we were able to just come out swinging on Friday night. Then we made some great runs in the heat and that carried over again today. You cross the finish line with the steering wheel totally cocked to one way or another. We were fortunate enough today to keep the thing mostly down the middle of the track.

Hats off to my crew, because those were incredibly difficult conditions and they were able to give me a car capable of winning.

Lucas Oil Raceway

Could I have scripted that it was going to be this good? Probably not. The Rustoleum-backed crew qualified in the No. Both teams ran relatively consistency throughout the weekend and qualified within. Zizzo made his best pass in warmer conditions, but Alexander made one more 3-second pass than the Chicago-based racer. When you take events off you forget stuff, whether it be from the driver standpoint, cylinder head standpoint or what have you. Zizzo used to stretch his budget to a wider swath of races, but recently applied a more focused approach in order to hit the competition harder when he made his appearances.

The first-round matchup, which will likely be the first to hit the track on Monday, will be must-see action. The Rapisarda team performed admirably on short duty during its stint, winning a handful of rounds and finding consistency while attending races from the U. Nationals all the way to St.

Indianapolis: 47th Annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals fact sheet

An end date has yet to be finalized on the tour, but the Wayne Newby driven, and Santino Rapisarda -tuned, dragster is officially in the field at the 64th edition of the Chevrolet Performance U. The team got the dragster down the track We just need to try to be on the edge of how good we can run. The team will try to take down No. The regular season ends when the final pair of Top Fuel Dragsters head down the track Monday evening, but we already have a sense of the quickest cars in every category so far this season.

One thing is for sure: Top Fuel has rarely been this competitive. Only five hundredths of a second separate the quickest dragster, piloted by Steve Torrence, to the slowest, driven by Richie Crampton. Crampton enters eliminations in 10th place but with plenty of pressure to defeat No.

The two dragsters are separated by. What makes the Countdown to the Championship so exciting is the potential for crew chiefs to make their hot rods even better. The first-year flopper driver took the Top Fuel title at Indy in while driving the Alan Johnson-tuned Al-Anabi dragster and is well positioned to add a Funny Car crown to join the very elite quartet above. In a lot of ways we started over around Sonoma. We made some chassis changes and some changes to the steering, and it really improved the drivability of the car.

Now when the car makes a move I feel I can get it back in the groove. I was. Langdon also has a Super Gas win at Indy, in , where he came close to becoming the first driver to win in two classes at the U. Nationals with a semifinal finish that year in Top Fuel, losing in the final four to eventual event winner Larry Dixon. A Funny Car win thus would also gain Langdon entry to another exclusive Indy club: drivers who have won in three classes at The Big Go.

Ron Capps is probably as tired of hearing about it as we are speculating about it, but here goes one more time: Will this be Capps' year to finally win Indy? In fact, his runner-up here last year to J. Todd was the first time he reached the final round of the U.

2008 NHRA Mac Tools US Nationals

Asked whether an Indy win would mean more to him that his championship, Capps waffled slightly. Capps is not alone in not being able to be hoist an Indy Wally. The battle for the top ten is settled since Alex Laughlin cannot mathematically catch No. At the top of the field, the race for the No.

Tony Pedregon, Ford Mustang; 3. Frank Pedregon, Firebird; 4. Ron Capps, Chevy Camaro; 5.

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Bruce Sarver, Firebird; 6. Del Worsham, Firebird; 7. Jim Epler, Camaro; 8. Gary Densham, Mustang; 9. Tim Wilkerson, Firebird; Al Hofmann, Firebird; John Force, Mustang; Scotty Cannon, Firebird; Johnny Gray, Firebird; Tommy Johnson Jr. Chuck Etchells, Camaro; Greg Anderson, Pontiac Firebird; 2. Jim Yates, Pontiac Grand Am; 4. Bruce Allen, Grand Am; 5. Warren Johnson, Grand Am; 6. Mike Edwards, Chevy Cavalier; 7. Brad Jeter, Grand Am; 8.

Ron Krisher, Cavalier; 9.

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Kurt Johnson, Cavalier; Hurley Blakeney, Ford Mustang; Tom Hammonds, Cavalier; George Marnell, Grand Am; Mark Pawuk, Grand Am; Gaines, Cavalier; Tom Martino, Grand Am. Angelle Savoie, Suzuki; 2. Shawn Gann, Suzuki; 3.

europeschool.com.ua/profiles/gehowyzyb/como-conocer-chicas-de-1.php Antron Brown, Suzuki; 4. Craig Treble, Suzuki; 5. Reggie Showers, Suzuki; 6. Todd Doege, Suzuki; 7. Matt Hines, Suzuki; 8. GT Tonglet, Suzuki; 9.