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Yep rebooted onto the default osx driver and it couldn't get past the grey apple screen. Looks like it only works with the new Nvidia driver right now. Joined Nov 24, Messages Motherboard Noga56 said:. Joined Jul 28, Messages Motherboard This is fantastic news! Depending on the price in 30 days once non stock models come out , maybe I will use my Micro Center warranty to trade up. Does anyone know what you'd be getting by switching from the ? GPU boost 2. TurbineSeaplane said:.

I meant between the this thread is talking about and the Was confused by your post though. Oh yeah I just edited my previous post. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The restart was no problem and X-Plane No scientific tests to verify that, just a feeling.

FPS in the high 20's to low 30's and very smooth ops. The update was easy and thanks, DCS17, for the heads up. It's also worth mentioning that the Nvidia driver comes with a simple utility that allows you to switch easily between the Nvidia driver and the native OS X driver requires reboot but dead simple otherwise. I have had mixed results with the Nvidia drivers - some have had worse performance than the native driver and some better. Recently I had a whole bunch of instability problems with the OS X driver after an Apple update and found that the latest Nvidia driver calmed the situation down.

So it's a tool that is well worth having up your sleeve in my opinion.

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Before you install for the first time make sure you are up to date with Time Machine backups just in case. If the nVidia driver will provide a noticeable improvement and getting rid of the red outlines, I might skip the OS X Sierra update as it already broke my scanner functionality on my MacBook for my "obsolete" printer according to HP.

I will wait awhile and see if Apple prvides a fix for the printer drivers under Sierra, before considering an upgrade to my iMac.

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It also would be interesting to know if there is a performance improvement with the new nVidia driver for El Capitan vs. Sierra to justify the upgrade. And of course how might it all fare under XP We will have to patient on that one. I didn't make any comment about what might be in Sierra, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was an update to the graphics driver included - whether it is an improvement or otherwise is a matter for future research.

My contribution is strictly limited to the following points:. OS X drivers are a mixed bag - some better than others - and every time you accept an update of OS X from Apple you are taking a gamble. The Nvidia web drivers are also a mixed bag, some better than the OS X version and some worse. Their main benefit is that they are different and thus provide a choice. You don't have to make a choice and then stick with it forever and a day. Nvidia provides a utility that allows you to swap between the Nvidia and Apple drivers easily and quickly.

It also notifies you when there is an updated version of the Nvidia driver that is compatible with your hardware and OS.

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To summarise - relax, go with the flow and enjoy whichever driver happens to be working for you at the moment. I have the exact same machine which after Let us know what you find out! I'll post it here, what observations to performance I will see. So a driver update for El Capitan seems to be out of question.

At least I did not find a corresponding one on the their website. But I am not certain about that. Anyone with a comparable machine to mine please post a screen shot of your System driver spec. By the way here is mine:. Can you please post the link for the download of the new driver. I don't seem to find it on their website. That's the way I did it and it still does not give me MAC drivers, see following screenshots.


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Am I missing something? Yes, I see your problem. I just got this link by Googling "Nvidia os x web driver for sierra". However there does not seem to be a way of getting to the same place from the Nvidia site.

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I suspect that they are doing some site maintenance based on a response I got from their own search function. It was based on the first version of El Capitan. The driver did not work for the later upgrade of El Capitan and I could not find a fitting driver for it. The link to the sierra driver also did not list my machine driver combination. I am now upgrading my iMac to Sierra and hopefully find it has improved drivers over the El Capitan install. I think there is some confusion about which drivers are supported for which Machines and the video cards installed.

It does not seem to be clear cut. There must be some subtle hardware dependence going on here because when I upgraded to Sierra the Nvidia driver manager immediately found a compatible driver. However I have a somewhat older iMac with the M graphics card. Anyway, good luck! After updating to Sierra and the new Cuda Driver for my machine I found things not working properly any more. For one it took a lot longer to get X-Plane started.

In some regions, unfortunately my own one around Frankfurt, would not load at all. It even froze X-Plane. Force quitting X-plane took ages. Also Sky Maxx Pro was no longer working. Real Weather Connector configuration window magically disappeared from the plugins list. I uninstalled all those plugins plus any airports from my region which might have been the cause, to no avail.

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I tested it other parts of the world and Germany. Hamburg worked as did some off regional airports stateside. I could not see any improvement in terms of fps increases. Also the red outlines problems when selecting any shadow other than static was still there. So not convinced all I wanted to get rid of Cuda which proved an unsurmountable task as well. Last resort then was recreating the iMAC from a previous time machine back-up. Now I am back at outset.