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CONS The price. Download for Mac. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

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Description: Modo stylized as MODO, originally modo is a polygon and subdivision surface modeling, sculpting, 3D painting, animation, and rendering package developed by Luxology, LLC, which is now merged with and known as Foundry. The program incorporates features such as n-gons and edge weighting and runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. Modo was created by the same core group of software engineers that previously created the pioneering 3D application LightWave 3D, originally developed on the Amiga platform and bundled with the Amiga-based Video Toaster workstations that were popular in television studios in the late s and early s.

They are based in Mountain View, California. Modo's workflow differs substantially from many other mainstream 3D applications.

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While Maya and 3ds Max stress using the right tool for the job, Modo artists typically use a much smaller number of basic tools and combine them to create new tools using the Tool Pipe and customizable action centers and falloffs. Description: K-3D is a free 3D modelling and animation software. It features a plug-in-oriented procedural engine for all of its content. K-3D's interface uses platform's look-and-feel, and it is therefore consistent with other applications that already exist. K-3D features procedural and parametric workflows.

Properties can be adjusted interactively and results appear immediately. The node-based visualization pipeline allows more possibilities than traditional modifier stacks or histories. Selection flows from one modifier to the next. Standards form the foundation on which K-3D builds - including native RenderMan support that integrates tightly with the K-3D user interface. K-3D supports a node-based visualization pipeline, thus allowing the connection of multiple bodies.

Work on one side of a model, show the other side mirrored, and see the end result welded together as a subdivision surface in real-time. Go back, modify the beginning of a workflow, and watch as changes propagate automatically to the end. Steven Glanville, a software engineer at NVidia.

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Currently, at stable version 0. To date, every version released has been under 3 MB, despite the fact that it does not make full use of the windows native interface, carrying some graphical elements of its own. Although few official tutorials have been posted by the author, many other users have posted their own on sites such as YouTube and the Anim8or home page.

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While Anim8or was once comparable to other freeware 3D animation software such as Blender, it has seen less progression in recent years. Description: Moviestorm is a real-time 3D animation app published by Moviestorm Ltd. The software is available to and used by people of all age groups and appeals to those with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests, from amateur and professional filmmakers, through to businesses and education, as well as people just looking to simply tell stories or create messages to share using video.

Moviestorm enables the user to create animated movies, using machinima technology. It takes the user from initial concept to finished, distributed movies. Sets and characters can be created and customized, and scenes can be filmed using multiple cameras. Moviestorm is being used predominantly in education by students of film and media studies as a means to develop their skills and expand their portfolio, as well as a collaborative cross-curricular creative tool in education sectors from elementary to high school.

The software's website features a Web 2. Moviestorm also makes use of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to release the latest news on the software and to interact with both current and potential users.

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It runs on the Win32 and Win64 platforms. Messiah's fourth version, Messiah Studio was released April and version 5. Messiah Studio6 was released in April Although Animation: Master was developed for and is targeted towards independent artists, with a workflow optimized to enable one artist to create a rendered animated piece from start to finish, the workflow also presents economic advantages for larger workgroups. The software uses a proprietary spline mesh technology to perform modeling and animation, and it is different in this sense from polygon mesh or NURBS-based programs.

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The system used is called patch-based modeling. It uses multiple intersecting splines to create surfaces, called patches. Patches present efficiency in that one patch can describe a complex curved surface that would require many facets to approximate in flat polygons.

Aside from the typical 4-sided patches common in many spline modeling environments, Animation: Master can also create 3 and 5-sided patches which enable mesh topologies not possible in other applications. Description: CrazyTalk is Reallusion's brand name for its 2D animation software. The product series includes CrazyTalk, a 3D facial animation software tool, and CrazyTalk Animator, a face, and body 3D animation suite. CrazyTalk, the 3D facial animation software, is a real-time, 3D animation and rendering software that enables users to make 3D animated cartoons.

It is a facial animation tool that uses voice and text to vividly animate facial images. It has an auto motion engine which allows animators to use the intensity of their voice to drive their animations in real-time. As of January , the CrazyTalk software is in version 8. CrazyTalk is developed and marketed by Reallusion, a company that has software and digital content development base in Taiwan with offices and training centers in the U.

Animated Explainer Video Templates. Renderforest provides most of its services for free.

All of the templates and tools are available for free. You can render and export your video in minutes in SD quality with watermarks. If you want it to be without watermarks and in HD quality, then you need to subscribe to one of the plans or pay for a one-time export. Try Renderforest Logo Maker. It is an online software which runs inside the browser, so it is compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems. Description: Animatron is a web-based animation software that enables users to make and edit animations and interactive content.

The company was formed as a corporate spin-off from JetBrains in It provides an HTML5 animation tool that allows displaying created animation on any mobile or desktop webpage. Description: Moovly is a company that provides a cloud-based platform SaaS that enables users to create and generate multimedia content: animated videos, video presentations, animated infographics and any other video content that includes a mix of animation and motion graphics. Description: Animaker is an easy to use animated video creation tool.